Hi, I'm Sylvie! It's so nice to meet you! I hope we can become good friends! ^-^

What projects do you have planned?
I want to finish and publish my songs, and write a long story!
How often will you share new pages from your diary?
Every now and then! ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ I mostly add them when I feel like it.

[Hint: Once you've read the diary, the home page will have a link back to the last page you read so you can quickly see if there are new pages!]
How can I write to you?
I don't have a great way to contact me set up, but you can send messages to me on SoundCloud!

[Note that messages are screened and may not all be passed on. - Mgmt]
Do you post the diary entries in the actual order? How close is the online diary to a facsimile?
No, I select, curate, and sometimes clean up the ones I want to share! So far they're mostly in order of when I posted them to my homepage here, but I'm also thinking about how they'll work best to read. It's more an adaptation than a replica!
What do you want?
My wish is that you can see the world as I do... that you can feel warm, and comforted...

[why do i always feel this way?]
I know so many people are in so much pain, and, well, you know...

Well, really why

...really why is, I feel this... desperate longing. This yearning for another world. A world I can't quite reach. A world that I can't taste or see or touch.
I feel so trapped here.

This world... it's not right. It's not right.[it hurts so much]

I want to be in a world where no one is hurting, no one is hungry... where no one has to be scared...

[no one should ever have to feel like this]

take me somewhere nice...
where the leaves rustle softly,
where we can go for a walk to the shore,
hand-in-hand in the fading lavender twilight...

There's so much joy and wonder in the world! I just want to share it with you.
Look, the sky has so many stars... they're all sparkling.

You're cold? Here, I'll wrap you up tight in a soft pastel-colored blanket...

You're safe here.

You can stay here for as long as you want.
You'll be okay, no matter what, you know? Even if things go wrong. You can get through this.
Really really.